Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy Winamp on your computer, one of the best multimedia players of all time. Composed of an array of useful tools, the software is renowned for its exceptional functionality.

Download Winamp: an exceptional media player

One of the most important advantages of Winamp is its compatibility with the large number of media formats that exist today: MP3, WAV, WMA, WMV, MP4, VCD, FLV, MOV, among many others. By using specialized filters, the quality of each file is stretched to the max.

Playing online

Winamp's playback system incorporates online capabilities so you can enjoy your favorite channels and radio stations while streaming via Shoutcast technology. Set up your player in the background and get real time information about artists, albums and more while you listen.

Integrated browser

In line with commercial demands, Winamp offers an integrated browser that will give you the opportunity to buy albums or songs online, as well as a sophisticated search engine for enquiring about particular artists or musicians.

Attractive interface

Unlike other media players, in Winamp the interface design has always been an important element. Besides being practical, simple and visually appealing, it is highly customizable, offering multiple covers or skins, which allow you to completely change the aesthetic appearance of the player to your liking.